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What’s this about: Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most widely used subfields of artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to its incredible ability to analyze and manipulate human language. Whenever you are interacting with chatbots and digital assistants, which are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, NLP is at play. …

What’s this about: Natural language processing, or NLP, can be defined as the study and application of specific tools that enable computers to process, analyze, and interpret human language. NLP combines the different fields of linguistics and computer science, and it is a component of artificial intelligence (AI).

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NLP has been around for over 50 years, and most of today’s applications revolve around digital assistants like Siri and Alexa, chatbots, machine translation, and search engines. However, it is also used in fields like medical research and business intelligence.

The Basics of NLP

One of the greatest advancements of…

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What’s this about: The view that journalism will be heavily impacted by AI is held all around the globe. In 2019, the London School of Economics published a global survey of journalism and AI based on interviews with 71 newsrooms in over 32 countries. One of the conclusions was that AI will reshape journalism, at first in an incremental way, but there will be long-term structural effects. The technology is set to disrupt the field in many ways involving data analytics, prediction making, plagiarism detection, NLP, fake news detection, and more.

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Back in December…

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What’s this about: The conversation around artificial intelligence (AI) often involves things like business applications, nefarious tools like deepfakes, medical advancements, government regulation, and other “serious” topics. But what about pure entertainment? AI is becoming increasingly prominent in the gaming industry, with nearly every game developer implementing some aspect of the technology. And what is more entertaining than highly realistic, open-worlds run by complex non-player characters driven by AI? With the help of AI tools, gaming is quickly evolving into a new realm humans have never experienced before.

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AI has often been developed with…

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What’s this about: Cyber attacks, information operations, deepfakes, political and social subversion, financial influence, and the exploitation of social tensions are quickly becoming the new way to target nations in recent years. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), these become even more threatening. AI-enabled disinformation will become one of the top tools available to any individual or nation with the right capabilities. While AI can be weaponized and used to attack, it also plays a key role in combating such tactics.

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Before we move on, it is important to define both “misinformation” and…

What’s this about: The U.S. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence has released its Final Report that includes conclusions, observations, and recommendations in 16 highly-detailed chapters. One of the most interesting points of the entire report is it’s admission that the U.S. government is not prepared to defend the nation in an artificial intelligence (AI) era.

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The U.S. National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NACAI) has recently released its 16-chapter Final Report to “advance the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and associated technologies to comprehensively address the national security and defense needs of…

What’s This About: One of the next big moves for AI is the advancement of AI edge chips. These state-of-the-art chips, designed by leaders like Nvidia and IBM, will lessen both consumers’ and enterprises’ reliance on the cloud. As of right now, many technologies like Siri and other voice assistants can only operate with a cloud connection. But with AI chips, your smartphone, watch, or tablet will be able to make language translations, recommend songs, and complete many other complex tasks without a wireless or wifi connection.

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As the use of artificial intelligence (AI)…

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Last year proved to be one of the most difficult periods of time for companies and governments all around the world due to COVID-19, and the challenges persist as we move further into 2021. Some industries were hit harder than others, like the industrial sector, where firms employ nearly 25 million people worldwide and generate $9.3 trillion in annual revenue.

These challenges impact the AI domain as well, especially as consumer behavior continues to change. …

COVID-19 Dashboard at Johns Hopkins University (September 14, 2020)

While many may not recognize artificial intelligence (AI) on the ground during the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, it is increasingly being implemented on the front lines. It is no longer the case that AI is restricted to academic circles and research institutions, but it is one of the most effective forms of defense and prevention.

One of its most important contributions comes from its ability to effectively screen, track, analyze and make predictions for both current and future patients. AI can be utilized for contact tracing, and it identifies high-risk areas within the nation and where the virus could be headed.

The Uncanny Valley Got Uncannier

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Performance capture has promised for some time to deliver real-time virtual character performance of unmatched, convincing quality. For many years though, the technology was only available to filmmakers with large budgets and time to spare for non-live SFX.

CG (computer graphics) is now commonplace in movies and television, and artificial intelligence is poised to become the most important new technology to emerge in Hollywood in some time. Overlapping the two fields promises an unprecedented level of creativity in areas such as “performance capture” and synthetic performance, but also dark applications such as deepfakes. More on that later…

On the positive…

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