AI in Visual Arts: Revolutionizing Creativity and Innovation

Giancarlo Mori
7 min readMay 2
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in recent years, and its influence is being felt across a wide range of industries. The creative industries, in particular, have experienced a surge of AI-driven innovation. In this blog, I will explore how AI is revolutionizing various visual arts, including film, photography, illustration, painting, and video games, and the potential impact these advancements will have on the future of creativity.

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AI in Film

AI has made its way into the film industry, from scriptwriting to post-production. Algorithms are now capable of analyzing existing narratives and generating new ones, leading to unique AI-human collaborations in storytelling. Moreover, virtual actors and deepfake technologies are blurring the line between reality and CGI, enabling more immersive and realistic storytelling experiences, but also expanding creative possibilities such us bringing innovative casting solutions (bring actors from the past?), screenwriting, pre-production, visual effects, editing, sound design, film distribution, personalized viewing experiences, and accessibility. AI can analyze data to suggest storylines, streamline casting and location scouting, enhance visual and sound effects, automate editing tasks. AI-assisted film editing tools have also emerged, streamlining the editing process and using AI insights to enhance the visual narrative.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable use cases in the film industry.

AI-generated screenplays and storytelling: “Sunspring” (2016)

Directed by Oscar Sharp and written by AI program Benjamin, “Sunspring” is a short science fiction film based on an AI-generated screenplay. The film showcases the unique and unconventional narrative that AI can create, challenging the traditional norms of storytelling.

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