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  • Setumo Raphela

    Setumo Raphela

    Entrepreneur | Data Scientist | AI | Jet Skier | Author |Oracle

  • Ranjan Roy

    Ranjan Roy

    Cofounder @theedge_group— Intelligent Industry News

  • Marissa King

    Marissa King

    I am a professor of Organizational Behavior at the Yale School of Management. https://marissaking.com/

  • PCMag


  • Nicolas Vandeput

    Nicolas Vandeput

    Consultant, Trainer, Author: 📙Data Science & Forecasting, 📘Inventory Optimization linkedin.com/in/vandeputnicolas 👍Tip: hold down the Clap icon for up x50

  • Abdishakur


    Writing about Geospatial Data Science, AI, ML, DL, Python, SQL, GIS | Top writer | 1m views.

  • Liana Mehrabyan

    Liana Mehrabyan

    Hi there, I’m a Data Scientist focused on social DS. Learning and sharing insights as I explore education, music and more through data. linkedin.com/in/liana-m/

  • ShrimpyApp


    Shrimpy is a crypto exchange trading bot for portfolio management, indexing the market, rebalancing, and strategy backtesting. Join now at shrimpy.io.

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